Neural Combinations and Dementia

Consistent with my theory on Neurons and Learning, Brain Cells (neurons) die (actually neural combinations) when the memories go away– as is the case in Dementia


The Heart is the Brain

The heart rate is different. Hence, the blood flow is slower or faster. Chemicals are carried through the blood. The brain learns and adjusts from the heart rate, because these chemicals flow more or less because of the heart rate. Thus, the brain develops differently because of the heart rate. The heart is the brain.

Neurons and Exercise

Neurons are thinking and conveying messages to the cells in the body to adapt with the environment. This is how muscle cells multiply to augment muscle tissue after lifting weights (exercise).


Therefore, neurons control the body.

Schizophrenia (split personality), organ manipulation happens because of the above reasons.

Fat cells may be manipulated by the neurons when someone has Schizophrenia.